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also known as Sunggi's Study Group

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What is Sunggi's Study Group about?

Status: Finished

A study group is where students gather together with the same goal in mind and help each other succeed. But not every study group is the same. And nooobody said there had to be a single goal in mind. Seong-Gi enters a study group that is supposedly focused on studying for the government service exam. But that doesn't mean that's all they have to do, right?

Here is a list of Manga similar to Na Seung-Gui-ui Study

Excuse me, This is my Room

Bangjuineun Jeondeyo

Also known as Excuse me, This is my Room.

Status: Finished
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Hentai , Romance

Kim Jinsoo ends up moving in with his personal bully... will he be able to find love between his bully and his crush?

Geujib, Sajeong

Geujib, Sajeong

Status: Finished
Genres: Action , Drama , Hentai , Mystery , Romance

Neglected wife commits adultery with the delivery boy, but unbeknownst to her, her husband is an assassin.
He Does a Body Good

Mome Joheun Namja

Also known as He Does a Body Good.

Status: Finished
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Hentai , Romance , Supernatural

To say that Ho-Sang's luck with women throughout his life had been underwhelming would be an understatement. That all changes when he gets electrocuted by an electric mat that he bought from his old college friend Ga-Hui. Armed with a newfound ability, Ho-Sang embarks on a life that he had never even dreamed of...

Sex Study Group

Sextudy Group

Also known as Sex Study Group.

Status: Finished
Genres: Drama , Hentai , Romance

Hyeon-Ho joins a study group to get closer to the pretty senior that he has crush on. But this study group is out of the ordinary...! A SPECIAL lesson for him begins!

"Here, Hyeon-Ho. Grab my butt like this!"

Studying in NORYANGJIN

Noryangjineseo Study Halkka?

Also known as Studying in NORYANGJIN.

Status: Finished
Genres: Drama , Hentai , Romance , Slice of Life

Han-Soo is an aspiring civil servant, preparing for the civil service exam. One day, he runs into his first love, Ji-Yeon, who also is preparing for an exam. She is joining a notorious "study club" for hookups.

Fatal Lessons in this Pandemic

I Sigug-e Gaeingyoseub

Also known as Fatal Lessons in this Pandemic.

Status: Finished
Genres: Drama , Hentai , Romance , Slice of Life

Yu-Chan, who's shy when it comes to girls, has to tutor a curious little girl. Little does he know that he'll be teaching her some other things too.

In At the Deep End

Yeojacheyukdae Suyeongbuui Gwalliin

Also known as In At the Deep End.

Status: Releasing
Genres: Drama , Hentai , Sports

After years of slacking off, Sun-ki decides to get his act together and find a job. Strong, virile and good with his hands, he finds a position that’s perfect for him: swimming pool maintenance guy at the local women’s university! But when the girls on the college swim team are this hot and horny, perhaps the pool won’t be all he ends up servicing… Join Sun-ki as he gets wet ’n’ wild with these busty beauties!

Sneak Peek

A! Mianhande Da Boyeoyo

Also known as Sneak Peek.

Status: Finished
Genres: Drama , Hentai

Ami has a special ability: she can see the dirty fantasies of virginal men. The ability is more of a curse than a blessing, and she she’s never once reaped any benefits from being able to peek into other men’s obscene thoughts. But things take a turn when she finds herself having her own x-rated fantasies…

Drug Candy

Drug Candy

Also known as Drug Candy.

Status: Finished
Genres: Drama , Hentai , Psychological , Romance

Reassigned and demoted at work. Add to that a broken marriage and Seung-Gu's life is at an all time low. But along comes a smart and sassy girl by the name of Yul-A. Hard to resist and with no desire to resist, Seung-Gu slowly becomes addicted to the drug called Han Yul-A.

Note: Chapter count includes a prologue.
Flirting With Her

Sseomui Ihae

Also known as Flirting With Her.

Status: Finished
Genres: Drama , Hentai , Romance

Can't there be friends among male and female? HO-JUN and YU-HA are very close, but never seen each other as a man and a woman. But, the day before HO-JUN went into the military, something happened. In an awkward silence, YU-HA suddenly makes a move and kisses HO-JUN. This turned on HO-JUN's switch... "We're not actually dating, but we treat each other as if we are... Are we a thing?"


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